Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Green Day - Uno, Dos and Tre.

Overview: 1 band, 3 albums, 37 songs, what could possibly go wrong?

NOTE: This is going to be a rather large review as it is a review of a trilogy of albums. I'm going to be doing each separately in a shorter manner if possible.

First up is Uno which is by far the poppiest of the 3 which isn't bad.

The Positive: Damn near the whole thing, this album recaptured what has always made Green Day a great band, good, fun, catchy music that you can sing to any day of the week. While none of the songs on the album are very deep lyrically, it's an incredibly fun album. "Kill the DJ" is beyond catchy considering the chorus consists of singer Billie Joe Armstrong telling us to "kill the DJ, kill the fuckin' DJ". "Carpe Diem" and "Fell for You" are probably my other 2 biggest standouts.

The Negative: "Troublemaker, I don't know why but I'm just not feeling this track very much, besides that, that's it.

Number of Tracks Kept: 11/12

Dos is probably the most experimental of the 3 diving into acoustics and even some hip-hop.

The Positive: Possibly my favorite track of the trilogy, "Amy", a beautiful acoustic track who's lyrics are phenomenal. "Nightlife" is probably a Green Day fans worst nightmare as it features a female rapper on it. Fortunately the chorus is too catchy to be real and her rapping isn't bad and the song works in the weirdest way possible. "Fuck Time" is an enjoyable song that could've been on Uno because it's light and poppy.

The Negative: I feel bad calling them "negative" because really the songs just don't stand out, they're not bad just not too great either. The intro track "See You Tonight" is okay but would've worked ten fold had it been an outro track after "Amy" instead of being ahead of "Fuck Time".

Number of Tracks Kept: 8/13

I expected Tre to be more or less the "leftovers" album but it's actually a stronger album than Dos.

The Positive: The opener "Brutal Love" is a fantastic song as is the closer "The Forgotten", both slower tracks but are incredible. "99 Revolutions" and even the 6 and a half minute "Dirty Rotten Bastards" are both songs that demonstrate how great Green Day can still be.

The Negative: The biggest negative for me is the song "Drama Queen", written presumably for his daughter he sings about her being old enough to bleed now, it just comes off as very creepy. A few of the other tracks are rather forgettable but nothing too bad.

Number of Tracks Kept: 9/12

Overall: The trilogy was a lot of music in a very short amount, it was kind of an overload but after being able to let them sit and listen to them, I'm glad that I did. You have the standard poppy album(Uno), the experimental one(Dos) and the one in the middle(Tre) and together as a trilogy they work very well. There's something here for everyone. If I were the band I'd release a Quatro, actually they did but it's a documentary so I'd release a Cinco that is pretty much a greatest hits of the trilogy in a 1 pack cd for the casual fan that doesn't want to spend the money on all 3 cds. These are good, enjoyable albums that deserve to be in the Green Day fans cd collection.

UNO Rating: 9/10

DOS Rating: 7/10

TRE Rating: 8/10

Total Number of Tracks Kept: 28/37

Trilogy Rating: 8.5/10

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