Monday, April 8, 2013

"I Am Not a Human Being 2 - Lil Wayne" Review by Dom

This review is gonna be short. You know who Lil Wayne is, don't lie. This is his 10th album and the sequel to 2010's I Am Not a Human Being. The production on this album is alright, it's mostly production you'd expect to hear except for once, it's all commercial sounding, not one is very different from the next. Secondly, this album is just awful. Even the biggest Wayne fan can't think this is any type of good. People though Tha Carter IV was bad, this is just a whole new level of bad. If you were hoping for the next Carter III then don't even listen to this, not even on YouTube or illegally, this is so bad it deserves to not be stolen. You might ask, "Dom, why is this so bad?" The answer is because these lyrics are just ridiculous. If this was labeled a comedy album then this would be the greatest comedy album since Chris Rock's Bigger & Blacker, but no, it's labeled a serious hip-hop album, therefore it's god awful. I'm just going to list some of my favorite lyrics and you tell me if this is any good. Please excuse the language.

From "Days and Days (featuring 2 Chainz)": "These niggas think they hard, these niggas just nipples.", "She swallow so many nuts, you fuck around, find a squirrel in her throat."

From "Romance": "They say the best part of waking up is breakfast after a nut."

From "Rich as Fuck": "Six feet deep, dick shovel in dirt, R.I.P. – rest in pussy."

From "Beat the Shit (featuring Gunplay)": "Dick-in-the-booty-ass nigga"

From "Wowzers": "My tongue is a Uzi, My dick is a AK, My tongue is a Uzi, My dick is a AK, My tongue go brrrrrr!, My dick go pow!, My tongue go brrrrrr!, My dick go pow!, Bitch!"

That's just a sample. If anything, you can listen to this if you just wanna laugh for just over an hour. Also one lyric that pissed me off comes from "Hot Revolver" where he takes the beginning of "Basket Case" from Green Day and sings/raps it in the same way over the atrocious beat he rides over. The few pros are the opening track which has Wayne rhyming, albeit badly, over a piano and a few tracks are bearable enough to be called enjoyable but not any more than an on-the-surface level, there is not though provoking lyrics nor any lyrics that make you think at all.

Rating: 2.5/10

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