Friday, June 1, 2012

"The Bunny The Bear - The Stomach For It" reviewed by Jon

The Stomach for it is the sophomore album of a newer up and coming band called The Bunny The Bear. TBTB lead by vocalist and song writer Matthew Tybor (The Bunny) and clean vocalist Chris Hutka (The Bear) is a Band from Buffalo, Ny who popped up on Victory Records in 2010. There first Album If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say, released shortly after their announcement of signing to Victory Records, was a breathe of fresh air. The Album was quite unique, blending The Bear's incredible high range with The Bunny's brutal low screams and erratic yelling all mixed in with the pretty bow that is their synthesizer and instrumentation.

1) Congregation - This was a great opener to start, it gave the listener a brief taste of the music that is to follow,  setting the tone for the rest of the album. This opener is also a nice change from the heaviness of the opening for If You Don't have Anything Nice To Say, giving The Bear a chance to take the lead for the album.

2) Sky - This song was used as one of the teasers of the song, it was a fairly unique song in itself. The speed at which The Bunny goes through his verse, followed instantly by the clean vocals of The Bear, is in itself the very definition of experimental. Overall definitely an interesting song to listen too.

3) All Birds - One of the catchier songs of the album, All Birds is a bit reminiscent of If You Don't catching that original TBTB sound. This song remains one of my favorite on the album, having one of the best sing along verses nearing the end of the song.

4) This Isn't Why You Made Her - Following one of my favorite songs is probably one of my least favorite TBTB songs. The song in itself is not bad, but the deliverance of it as a whole leaves something to be desired. I would suggest still listening to this song for it still embodies the feel of the album as a whole, it just seems to be missing that one spark to put it on par with the rest.

5) Soul - The first released single of the album, the song in itself is very repetitious yet catchy, seeing as The bear repeats the same few lines through out the entire song, only changing pitch every now and then. The real change comes from the verse, Screamed dominantly from The Bunny. I believe this song was a great first release, showing how the band has evolved since the release of If You Don't..., However after the release of the full album the song falls into the shadow that is cast by the rest of the songs on the album.

6) Breeze - Another one of my albums, all I can really say about this song is that like the best of TBTB it is incredibly catchy and incredibly fun to sing along with the bear. One of the cds must listen to's.

7) Lonely - The second released single of the album before its release, the song in itself was what got me excited for the album. Whatever the song Soul did not reveal about the style of this new album was in fact present in lonely. I would also like to take a second to note that this song is a perfect example of why they should make more accompanying music videos for their songs, for i found myself fairly entertained from start to finish.

8) I'm Scared Now - The synth intro to this song was fairly impressive, flawlessly merging into the song in itself. This song could quite possibly be called the heaviest song on the album, though the still manage to keep things catchy and fresh through out the song. This song is probably my overall favorite of the album.

9) Sheep - What more can I say about this song then the fact that it is a perfect example of the uniqueness of TBTB. Just when you think you have a grasp on the sound they are going for, a song like this comes on and you can only sit there and go "what?" I suggest checking this song out as well, if only to bring some uniqueness to your life.

10) Pieces - This song is another one that keeps you interested in whats to come next. Starting off as soft relaxing with The Bear when suddenly The Bunny comes in the song suddenly changes gears, the synth becomes heavier and the music adapts to give the listener a different feel. The song in itself feels like it is having bi-polar issues as the two parts fight for your attention.

11) It Kills Me - The song in itself is fairly well done though it is not as unpredictable as the rest of the album has been. I feel this song was a great way to close out the album, ending with light instrumentals carrying The Bear's voice towards the end all while The Bunny yells over it, wrapping everything up in a nice neat little bow.

Overall: While most bands on the Victory Record label begin to move closer towards the comfort of the typical genres of music, The Bunny The Bear does the exact opposite. This album is by definition very experimental and unique compared to many other bands that are being signed to record labels these days. For me personally it is this fact that has helped me grow to love the music they are producing more and more, the staying out of the comfort zone to experiment with new things. It is also for this reason however, that I can understand why other may not feel the same way about the music being written by this band. Regardless of this fact, I would like to put my seal of approval on this Album and suggest to those who are looking for something a little bit different to take a little bit of time to give these guys a listen.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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